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International Clinical Hyperbaric Technologist


HMI has teamed with ANDI International to provide an introductory hyperbaric technician training course.

Hyperbaric Medicine International is offering a two-day Introductory HBOT course designed for individuals interested becoming a certified International Hyperbaric Clinical Technologist (ICHT). The training course will prepare attendees to pass the written and practical examinations required for certification as an International Clinical Hyperbaric Technologist (ICHT).

$395.00 for HMI Professional Members, Professional Practice Members, and employees of Professional Practice Member Clinics.*


$795.00 for non-HMI Members. Price includes a one-year Professional Membership in HMI, and discounted Professional Member registration for the HBOT 2019 Hyperbaric Medicine Symposium ($450 value). 

Date: Wednesday, September 25th and Thursday, September 26th, 2019

Location: Charleston Marriott, Charleston, South Carolina

Room: Opel 1


You are not required to stay at the Charleston Marriott, however we are offering a discounted Charleston Marriott room rate of $181 per night, and we will send you a discount hotel registration link after you register for the course.


Space is limited to 30 registrants, so please register early.

*Memberships must be current at the time of training—in other words, Members must have purchased or renewed their HMI Professional or Professional Practice Memberships after August 2018.


**Membership pricing does not include HMI Associate Members. Persons with current Associate Memberships may apply the value of the their Associate Membership ($150) towards upgrading to a Professional or Professional Practice Membership.


Cost includes textbooks, materials, and examination fees. Instructors, textbooks, and materials will be provided by ANDI International. You are responsible for transportation, meals, and hotel accommodations.

Course Details


The ICHT certification is designed for both entry-level applicants and current health care professionals seeking an additional set of skills. Certified ICHTs have demonstrated that they have the core knowledge and skill competencies to safely operate the hyperbaric chambers they have certified on to deliver specified dose of pressure and oxygen prescribed by a qualified medical professionals.


To certify as an ICHT, applicants must:

  1. Pass a written knowledge exam

  2. Complete a hands-on skills evaluation at your home clinic or other approved clinic

  3. Complete a supervised apprenticeship at you home clinic or other approved clinic


HMI will announce a comprehensive certification program integrating clinic-level certification with individual certification and training programs for hyperbaric chamber operators, safety officers, medical supervisors, and medical prescribers at the upcoming HBOT 2019 Hyperbaric Medicine Symposium.


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For more information on how you can register, please contact us at: info@hyperbaricmedicineinternational.org, or call us at 484-639-9006.


The HBOT 2019: Hyperbaric Medicine Symposium, takes place after the ICHT course, so you may want to also register and attend that.


CHTs who are currently certified and in good standing may apply to become

Tier 2 ICHTs without additional training requirements until September 1st, 2019.

Contact HMI at: 484-639-9006

"The HCO class was very informative and interesting. Ed did a great job of explaining the mechanics and benefits of HBOT. Hopefully more people will become involved and help spread the word of the wonderful things HBOT can do for people."

- Abby, RN, Northbrook, IL