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AHA Hyperbarics is the European golden-awarded manufacturer of innovative monoplace hyperbaric chambers, capable of reaching up to 200 kPa (2.0 bar, 15 psi) of pressure.  AHA Flex hyperbaric systems are effectively being used for the following medical purposes and conditions: crush injuries, diabetic foot ulcer, cerebrovascular insult (CVI) – stroke, post-concussion syndrome (PCS) after mild traumatic brain injury, scleral ischemia or melt, interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome and autism. 



Airgas, an Air Liquide company, is the nation's leading single-source supplier of gases, welding equipment and supplies, and safety products.


Founded in 1982 and acquired by Air Liquide in 2016, Airgas has long been defined by its entrepreneurial spirit. Our diverse company is powered by 18,000 hard-working men and women, dedicated to customer success.


Airgas is committed to minimizing its impact on the environment and maximizing its involvement in the community, with initiatives to improve our fleet fuel efficiency, lower our electricity consumption and help our refrigerant gas customers recycle this valuable resource.


In addition to many local community service activities, Airgas pursues a number of company-wide endeavors, including our ongoing support of Operation Homefront, a non-profit organization that supports America’s military service members.


The American College of Hyperbaric Medicine is a professional organization founded to support the clinical applications and professional practice of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and wound care. Members of the ACHM include physicians, nurses, technicians, and allied healthcare professionals who are dedicated to the appropriate utilization of hyperbaric oxygen for the benefit of patients. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a distinct medical specialty and the ACHM understands and outlines the standards of care for the use of oxygen as a therapeutic agent.


ANDI International has become well known for its quality educational offerings and expertise in all aspects of and diving & hyperbaric services. Our diving training programs, originating in 1988, introduced nitrox diving to the worldwide community; recreational, commercial, and military diving.

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At Baro-Serv we believe people deserve the Very Best. Baro-Serv was born with the notion that the industry deserved a choice, a choice for more thorough, valuable, safe, and reliable baromedical equipment. Today we are the leading supplier of Independent Hyperbaric Services in the USA. Here, when you need us, we specialize in performing Annual Preventative Maintenance, Repairs, Training, Acquisition, and Relocation. 


Our team is dedicated to offering the most comprehensive services available to the monoplace HBOT community. Our clients proudly operate with peace of mind knowing that Safe, Effective, and Compliant Equipment is utilized for treatments. Maximize your investment and treat with confidence knowing your equipment is Expertly Maintained for optimal performance and reliability. Enjoy Lower Total Cost of Ownership versus traditional manufacture service programs.


Offering world class service, and 30 years combined experience, our comprehensive domestic coverage and global reach means at BARO-SERV we remain 100% customer centric no matter the locale.



BrainMaster Technologies Inc is a single source medical device manufacturer.  Our products consist of State of the Art 3D Brain Imaging, Brain-Mapping and Neurofeedback systems. Our unique use of Clinical EEG. Neurofeedback and EEG driven  Brain Stimulation systems synergize with HBOT by guiding the brain and showing objective data in real time relating to brain change and health.  BrainMaster’s FDA Cleared systems deliver the performance your clinic demands. Built in the USA and est. in 1995.

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CNS Vital Signs is aneasy-to-use computerized neuropsychological assessment platform thatenables the rapid assessment of CORE neurocognitive functions; for neurobehavioral status exams, screening, or as part of a full evaluation. The new VSX assessment platform provides 10 normed tests and 50+ FREE evidence-based rating scales to help you efficiently identify symptoms-behaviors-comorbidities andaid in the evaluation, management, outcomes-tracking, and longitudinal care of patients. Widely used in HBOT for pre-treatment baseline and post treatment longitudinal outcomes measure

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CV Sciences™ is in the business of developing, producing, marketing and selling raw materials and end-consumer hemp extracts containing cannabidiol (CBD). The primary focus is on developing consumer products under the industry-dominating PlusCBD Oil™ brand, which sells to numerous markets including the natural products, beauty care, mass market, and functional food sectors. CV Sciences™ is committed to pioneering the emerging global trend to re-energize the production of agricultural hemp as the world’s leading producer of quality full spectrum hemp extracts.

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Eng3 Corporation develops, manufactures, and distributes the NanoVi Eco™, NanoVi Pro™, and NanoVi Exo™ bio-identical signaling devices. NanoVi™ devices serve the health, anti-aging, and sports performance markets. Eng3 was formed in 2003 in Seattle, Washington. International distributors represent NanoVi™ products in overseas markets and Eng3 has a technical representative in Europe. Our approach is to improve cellular activities without pharmaceuticals. Instead of overriding natural functions by introducing a substance, NanoVi™ devices are designed to stimulate the body’s own oxidative response mechanisms. In this way oxidative stress damage is addressed with no possibility of side effects.


Founded in 2009, the Green Beret Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the long-term health of the Green Beret community. The Foundation answers the call of the Green Berets and their families so that they can succeed in their next mission. The Foundation provides casualty support, extended support, family support, and transition support to Green Berets and their families to assist with these special concerns. Particularly, the Foundation provides financial support and access to HBOT for qualifying Green Berets through its Extended Support Program. 



The International Hyperbarics Association is a charitable and educational organization that aims to meet the needs of the hyperbaric community. From medical center owners, to individual hyperbaric chamber users, to corporate chamber users, we have members from all facets of medical field. Our moto is to educate people on the latest hyperbaric developments and news and to aid the people in the best way possible.



Keto-Mojo launched in fall of 2017 with the mission of reducing the price of ketone testing to make it affordable and accessible to both consumers and healthcare practitioners. Keto-Mojo continues to innovate and provide more resources to the Ketogenic Community and is committed to working with Health Professionals, not only providing a meter system, but also, premier education and resources for practitioners and patients alike. We look forward to assisting you in the critical work you do.  Visit Keto-Mojo’s professional portal for a variety of partnering opportunities, which includes wholesale, affiliate, and academia options.

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Metabolic Health Summit (MHS) is the leading international scientific conference on metabolic health! This annual experience brings together world-renowned physicians, scientists, and thought leaders who are researching the powerful potential of our daily choices in fighting disease, extending life, and improving human performance. MHS was founded under Metabolic Health Initiative, an organization with a mission to revolutionize science and medicine by refocusing attention on the importance of nutrition and metabolism.



The three fundamental aspects of gut health include: the microbial population, physical structures, and regulatory immune function. A healthy gut microbiome is multi-faceted and relies heavily upon all 3 of these factors, like a three-legged stool. For this reason, therapies that only address one of these facets do not typically provide total restoration of a dysfunctional GI tract. The Microbiome Labs Total Gut Restoration system was uniquely designed to target all 3 of these areas, providing healthcare professionals with highly effective tools to maintain optimal health.



At and in our Momentum Health Store, you will find a full array of professional massage tools, homeopathic remedies, alternative health information, household items and personal care wellness products, books, videos, charts, yoga and fitness equipment, and of course, the popular and affordable Relax Far Infrared Ray Portable Sauna, available in either sit up or lie down models.



OxyHealth is the world’s leading provider of hyperbaric chambers. Presently, OxyHealth is the pioneer of the industry with over 15,000 chambers in use, more than all other providers combined. OxyHealth continues to remain at the forefront of superior performance, quality and cutting-edge design concepts that far exceed industry safety standards.



Perry Baromedical is a distinguished and internationally recognized brand name, with a history of more than 50 years of design innovation and quality manufacturing in its field.  Perry is the only full line manufacturer of hyperbaric chambers in the industry, with its product line encompassing Monoplace, Dualplace and Multiplace systems.  The Company sells its products to hospitals, private clinics, medical teaching institutions, critical access and children’s hospitals, and burn institutes across the globe.  Perry leads the HBO industry with a reputation for doing business with integrity and providing products of superior quality. For further information visit our website at or call us at 561-840-0395.

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It is our Mission to exceed industry standards providing global clients with innovative hyperbaric

service solutions according to the most current technology, safety standards and regulations.

We back this promise with integrity, experience and commitment to the needs of our customers.

We strive to expand the availability of hyperbaric healthcare by providing innovative, cost-effective and code-compliant hardware solutions that expand the number of sites which are suitable for supporting a hyper/hypobaric service.



RightEye is a health technology company using eye tracking to revolutionize health and vision care through objective pre and post functional vision assessments. Within minutes, RightEye produces science-based, metric-driven, graphical reports to give doctors an objective, measurable way to track the success of various treatments. RightEye also provides gamified vision training exercises to improve brain health, and eye alignment and performance. RightEye customers include nationally recognized optometrists, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, professional sports teams and the U.S. military.



Since our founding in 1966 as a local distributor of compressed industrial, medical and specialty gases, cryogenic gases and equipment, welding equipment and supplies, we have expanded our capabilities and services to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Today, Roberts Oxygen is recognized as the finest service oriented independent distributor from Pennsylvania to Florida with 48 locations, serving 9 states.



Sechrist Industries has developed and manufactured hyperbaric chambers for over since 1973. Using a state-of-the-art facility, Sechrist monitors and tracks every step of the hyperbaric chamber manufacturing and design process. Sechrist has designed and shipped hyperbaric chambers to over 100 countries and will continue to fund hyperbaric therapy research for years to come.



Vielight Inc. is poised at the forefront of brain photobiomodulation technology. We combine science, research and engineering ingenuity to develop devices that incorporate novel methods of delivering photons to the brain and inner systems. Our mission is to engineer photobiomodulation devices that are safe, effective and easy to use – all to truly help improve one’s quality of life.

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