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ICHT Council for Accreditation

HMI's Council for Accreditation establishes the ICHT accreditation standards, and ensures that applicants meet eligibility criteria. They complete background checks on all applicants, and through a recertification process, verify that minimum competency and continuing educational requirements are being adhered to.

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Sanja Kallesoe, Ph.D. headshot
Sanja Kallesoe, Ph.D.

Canada | Council Chairperson

Tami Peterson, Ph.D. headshot
Tami Peterson, Ph.D.
United States | Council Member
Daphne Denham, M.D.

United States | Council Member

Cuauhtémoc Sanchez, M.D.

Mexico | Council Member

Dr. Mal Hooper, D.C.  headshot
Mal Hooper, D.C.

Australia | Council Member

HMI and its ICHT Certifying Board model the FDA's policies, guidelines, and positions of not interfering with the practice of medicine.