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Hyperbaric Medicine International (HMI)  |  PO Box 450 Westtown, PA 19395-0450  |  484-639-9006

© Copyright 2019-2020 Hyperbaric Medicine International, all rights reserved. HMI is a 501(c)(4) Information provided by Hyperbaric Medicine International does not constitute medical recommendations, and is intended for informational purposes only.

HMI Initiatives


Leading the effort to promote hyperbaric medicine, and increase access to treatment.

Hyperbaric medicine has been in existence for more than 100 years. And each day across the world, thousands of patients safely receive hyperbaric oxygen therapy. However, thousands more will benefit when insurance coverage is expanded and the approved indications are increased beyond the 15 currently covered hyperbaric oxygen therapy indications.

An international voice for change


Hyperbaric Medicine International will provide a international voice for hyperbaric clinics including: free-standing clinics that have no collective representation; hyperbaric professionals; and patients who would benefit from gaining access to hyperbaric treatment.

And we will reach out to our military members, veterans, and first responders, who are disallowed in many cases from receiving hyperbaric treatment for off-label indications.

Hyperbaric Medicine International will:

  • Unite providers, clinics and stakeholders to provide common ground for change

  • Ensure that outcomes are properly documented and used to promote treatment expansion

  • Help to refine best practices and protocols based on U.S. and international research and outcomes

  • Create and deploy an awareness campaign regarding the benefits of hyperbaric treatment



Educating medical practitioners and the general public about the benefits of hyperbaric medicine and related therapies.

Since Hyperbaric treatment is not often recognized as a main stream treatment modality, and is sometimes misused or misunderstood, Hyperbaric Medicine International will bridge the gap between the professional and public knowledge of the benefits of hyperbaric treatment.

And we will connect with with practitioners in allied technologies and therapies like psychiatry, psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, Near Infrared Light (NIR) therapy, Magnetic Resonance Therapy (MRT), and Transcranial Magnetic and Stimulation (TMS),  who may benefit by adding hyperbaric treatment to their protocols


Hyperbaric Medicine International will:

  • Collect and categorize relevant research, notes and outcomes

  • Create a data repository of national and international outcomes and research that does not currently exist

  • Provide online access for HMI members to that knowledge-base

  • Create a national forum from which the public can interface with hyperbaric professionals to have their questions answered

  • Create additional online educational tools for both the professional and public sector regarding hyperbaric treatment.


We will leverage this knowledge-base to educate hyperbaric practitioners, insurers, government agencies, and the general public, on the benefits and practice of hyperbaric treatment, connecting research data with outcomes.



Only 15 hyperbaric treatments are currently approved for reimbursement by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

In the United States, patients suffering from these 15 medical conditions, referred to as “indications”, may be authorized to receive hyperbaric treatment and insurance coverage for their medical conditions.

In many other countries, hyperbaric treatment is safely and effectively used for dozens of treatments that are off-label in the United States. In many cases, those indications are paid for by some form of medical insurance.

Research in the United States and abroad has shown that hyperbaric treatment can be safe and effective for many other indications than the 15 currently covered in the U.S., such as Cerebral Palsy and Fibromyalgia.

Affecting positive change:

Hyperbaric Medicine International will align the past, current, and future research and outcomes of hyperbaric professionals around world, to demonstrate the efficacy of hyperbaric treatment for additional indications.

Broadening what indicators are covered by insurance will result in more patients having access to hyperbaric treatment that can help them to heal faster, recover earlier in their treatment process, and recover with less complications and restrictions.

To achieve results we will…

  • Gather data to create compelling arguments for broader use of hyperbaric treatment.

  • Collaborate with providers and insurers to develop cost benefit analyses, and risk mitigation strategies, that can help increase the number of approved indications.

  • Demonstrate hyperbaric treatment efficacy to policy makers and government officials.


There are approximately 1000 free-standing and hospital-bed hyperbaric clinics across the United States.

Hospital-based clinics are typically restricted to providing hyperbaric treatment for only 15 medical conditions (indications) that are currently covered by insurers in the United States. So many patients go to free-standing clinics, and pay out-of-pocket for treatment for their non-covered medical conditions.

Ultimately, patients and clinics suffer from disparities between the two models. Those disparities can limit coverage, and limit access to treatment.

Hyperbaric Medicine International will help to improve standardization, so that hyperbaric treatment is more accessible for patients, less of a risk to insurers, and more sustainable for clinic owners by:

  • Collaborating with practitioners of both hospital-based and free-standing clinic models.

  • Advocating for consistent certification across both models.

  • Creating and helping to implement sensible and effective standards for free-standing clinics.

  • Working with certifying bodies to improve standardization of  treatments.

  • Standardizing the documentation of patient outcomes.

  • Creating a central data repository for the collection and reporting of outcomes.

  • Improving the national perception of the benefits of hyperbaric treatment.