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HMI Mission & Objectives


Establish hyperbaric oxygen therapy as the standard of care for a broad array of medical conditions and wellness worldwide; certify medical professionals, treatments and facilities to assure hyperbaric oxygen therapy is delivered under high medical standards; facilitate availability of treatment to all those in need; develop advocacy groups to inform policy decisions.


  • Sponsor and promote hyperbaric oxygen science and research. 

  • Advocate hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a safe and effective therapy for a wide variety of medical conditions. 

  • Certify hyperbaric professionals, facilities, treatment and devices. 

  • Educate the public, the scientific community, medical professionals and legislatures on the value and efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

  • Secure coverage for hyperbaric oxygen therapy from commercial and government insurers. 

  • Establish hyperbaric oxygen therapy in medical school curricula.

  • Develop and make available a repository of hyperbaric oxygen science and research for general use.

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