Vision, Tenents, and Values


HMI's vision is a world in which hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the standard of care for a broad array of medical and wellness conditions. 

Our work is guided by three core tenets:

  • Patient Care - Patient care is first priority. 

  • Dignity & Respect - Treat every person with dignity and respect.

  • Professional Outreach - Our reach is extended by the quality of our Board of Directors, Advisors, Ambassadors and staff. 



Our Hyperbaric Medicine International team values the dignity and sanctity of life and is committed to assuring the worldwide availability of hyperbaric oxygen therapy by a network of caring, driven healthcare professionals. 



Integrity is the basis for healthy relationships and the guide star for sound moral and ethical decisions. A culture of integrity is essential to developing and sustaining long-term trusting relationships. An organization with integrity honors commitments, treats people with respect, establishes high-trust environments and encourages an open exchange of ideas. 



Compassion is love in action. It is understanding another’s suffering and taking action to relieve it. At root, good health care is about delivering compassionate care within trusting relationships. Compassionate care means meeting people where they are; valuing life; crossing boundaries; relieving suffering; and enhancing wellbeing. 



We share an authentic commitment to alleviate suffering from a wide variety of medical conditions. We believe all living creatures have a right to hyperbaric oxygen therapy and we are committed to bringing it to all who need it. We also commit to pursuing excellence to the next level of achievement.

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Information provided by Hyperbaric Medicine International does not constitute medical diagnosis or recommendations, and is intended for informational purposes only.