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HMI Webinar

Autism Recovery Through Synergy - A New Paradigm Shift

Recorded: May 21st, 2019 | Length: 58 minutes

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Autism is the fastest growing developmental disorder on Earth. What is autism really? It is just a word and not alluding to any etiologic origins? It has been 100+ years since autism was first described, yet it remains a mystery​...and stubbornly difficult to treat.

The Autism Recovery Through Synergy webinar will examine root causes​ as well as new revelations and advances in autism therapeutics. We'll dive into the world of ​hyperbaric oxygen,​ and unearth its role as a synergistic approach to recovery. Let’s get our feet wet with the ​why and ​when​ for utilizing hyperbaric oxygen therapy for autism, and increase our understanding of ​how hyperbaric oxygen influences methylation, neurotransmitter imbalances, redox signaling, and genetic expression.


Dr. Tami Peterson

Dr. Tami Peterson, PhD

  • Special needs educator from 1985 to 2012

  • PhD focus on Autism as a medical condition, and biomedical with IRB in HBOT and Autism

  • CEO & Founder of Oxford Recovery Center

  • CHT & Safety Director/trainer at ATMO

  • Serves on HMI's Accreditation Committee​


Dr. Peterson has worked as a specialist in autism for nearly three decades. Her doctoral dissertation was on the application of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the treatment of autism. She is currently the chief executive officer of the Oxford Recovery Center in Brighton, MI, where she has accumulated extensive data on the role of HBOT in helping young children with autism.

Dr. Christian Bogner

Dr. Christian Bogner, MD 

  • From Germany

  • Medical Doctor & Board Certified OBGYN

  • Nutrition Certification from Cornell University

  • Medical Director at Oxford Recovery Center

  • International and National speaker on Autism

Dr. Bogner is continuously striving to bring forth cutting-edge research for effective therapeutic options. His goal is to optimize each affected individual’s path for recovery by integrating SNP genotyping, neurotransmitter analysis, hyperbaric oxygen, applied behavior analysis and nutrition coaching.

Take Aways:

  • Autism is a medical condition.

  • A multi-faceted approach improves treatment outcomes.

  • Why would you consider HBOT for autism?

  • Understanding the physiological principles of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in autism spectrum disorders.

  • Why free radicals are not an issue.

  • A new look at epigenetic signaling.


Dr. Peterson and Dr. Bogner will build on the webinar's autism discussions when they present at the HBOT 2019 13th annual Hyperbaric Medicine Symposium, which will take place on September 27th, 28th, and 29th, in Charleston, South Carolina.

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