Florida Governor signs Bill providing Hyperbaric Therapy to State Combat Vets with TBI and PTSD

Florida Governor Ron Desantis recently signed into law legislation that will provide Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) to invisibly wounded combat veterans in the state. The law, which was passed though both State House and Senate unanimously and with strong support from the Florida Department of Veterans' Affairs (FDVA), will allow the FDVA to contract with State University or Florida College System institutions to provide HBOT and other therapies to state veterans. Read more about the legislation HERE.

Senator Tom Wright will speak at HMI Symposium

State Senator Tom Wright, who was the Senate sponsor of the bill, will be speaking HMI's upcoming 2019 Hyperbaric Medicine Symposium about why he supports Hyperbaric Therapy for combat veterans.

Florida is now the sixth US state to pass legislation specifically facilitating access to Hyperbaric Medicine for invisibly wounded combat veterans. North Carolina is currently on track to become the seventh state later this summer. Legislation there was passed unanimously by the State House of Representatives and was recently favorably reported out of committee in the Senate. Read the latest news about the North Carolina legislation HERE.

"These efforts by state legislators in Florida and North Carolina are indicative of the growing awareness of the effectiveness of Hyperbaric Therapy in treating both chronic traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress injuries. The impact of Hyperbarics on recovery is unmatched by other therapies that are more commonly used," shared Hyperbaric Medicine International President Ben Richards. "This a leading-edge indicator of the direction of Hyperbaric Medicine as the growing amount of both study data and personal recovery experiences is leading to improved access to care not only among combat veterans but among civilians with neurological injuries as well."

State legislatures in Louisiana and North Dakota are also considering similar bills this year.

And, check out the upcoming hyperbaric conference, HBOT 2019, taking place in Charleston, South Carolina on September 27th, 28th, and 29th.

HBOT 2019 Hyperbaric Medicine Symposium

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